Let’s face it things get dirty ¬†and sometimes it takes more than a mop and bucket to clean the mess. We are a talented staff of over 100 cleaners all with years of experience who have come together to create the largest and best cleaning service in the world. Growing from a local company to something much larger, it is our goal to continue to service our community and much much more. Our type of cleaning is superior to others because we understand that technology is a large part of our world and something that must be taken into consideration when cleaning and improving¬†Schaumburg Plumbing.

It is not so much about the cleaning itself, but our attitude as a company. Our humble roots means that we built our company on customer satisfaction and have a track record for showing people that people are the backbone of any successful business. Whether we are cleaning or simply giving advice, we treat every client like family and treat every home as though it was the home that we lived in. This is the only way to achieve greatness, which is something that we strive for.

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, we have the equipment and staff to ensure that your property is left spic and span. Without this promise, we would not be where we are today and make sure that every job is undertaken with the utmost care and dedication. People have not only been happy with our cleaning, but also the way that we interact with customers. Leaving no stone unturned, both when it comes to cleaning and customer interaction, our 40 years of experience pays off. Being firm believers that people are what make businesses, we can promise that your cleaning experience will be a positive one.

In a world of economic uncertainty, we also understand that price is a huge sticking point for many. Many cleaning companies exist, which means that our prices must be competitive. We ensure that as far as bang for your buck goes, our cleaning services are second to none. We ensure that your property will be better than you can possibly imagine and that your pocket book will live to tell the tale. For us, it is not about the cleaning itself, but the relationships that we build through our quality services including sewer repair.

We hope that you will be the next addition to our large network of satisfied customers. Customers that understand the benefits of connections and that cleaning is only a part of what we do. Our reputation for quality is one built on having the equipment and expertise to know how to do a job right and do it for a price that people can actually afford. Both commercial and residential properties need special care and attention, and we can ensure you that we know how to handle both with swift ease and close attention to detail.